Walnuts New Zealand

Think a walnut is a walnut? Think again.
When it comes to nuts, freshness is everything. Once cracked the clock is ticking on flavour, texture and nutritional value. Imported walnuts are cracked many months before they get to New Zealand, meaning that they are well past their prime by the time you use them.

Walnuts New Zealand’s walnuts are grown right here in New Zealand, and cracked to order, meaning you get the freshest walnuts around. You can taste the difference – crisp, sweet and flavoursome. Simply delicious and so versatile.

Walnuts New Zealand is a co-operative of around 50 passionate growers based in Canterbury, nurturing their orchards over decades and sharing expertise to bring customers the highest quality, freshest walnuts.

The orchards limit spray usage, and all nuts are tested to be free of any spray residues. Plus, the trees are great for the environment – they live for hundreds of years absorbing carbon and releasing oxygen every day.

As the “king of nuts”, walnuts are renowned for their high omega-3 healthy oils, as well as protein, fibre and minerals. The New Zealand Heart Foundation recommends that everyone eat 30g of nuts every day. Like most foods, freshness is key to optimal nutrition.

Walnuts New Zealand supplies whole walnuts, halves, pieces, meal, oil and dukkha in pack sizes to suit every customer. Choosing Walnuts New Zealand means you’re opting for delicious, superior quality walnuts, reducing food miles and being part of New Zealand’s local food story.

Walnuts New Zealand – closer, fresher, tastier.

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