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Shepherd Filters are an innovative and sustainable solution for your extraction system filtration. Made from 100% wool, they are naturally fire retardant and biodegradable. This disposable filter can capture up to 98% of airborne grease, as opposed to as low as 20-40% with a standard grease filter.

A cleaner extraction system year-round = time savings + money savings + reduced fire risk

A traditional grease filter allows a large percentage of grease vapour to enter the hood and build up inside the exhaust system. By capturing the grease before it enters the exhaust, Shepherd Filters reduces costly filter and duct cleaning, as well as drastically reducing your fire risk.

"FYI, our duct cleaning service has indicated they are very impressed with your product and the reduced contamination getting into the extractor system." - a happy restaurant owner & Shepherd Filters friend

Shepherd Filters are easy to install and can easily be changed in under two minutes each without tools. Being biodegradable, the filter can be discarded into a landfill, or composted, once finished with, eliminating the need for water consumption and harsh chemicals, and reducing labour costs or cleaning.

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" We pour our whole heart into what we do. At the Waihi Beach Bakery, we chose to use Shepherd Filters as we are committed to sourcing locally and eco-friendly products, to ensure the smallest footprint possible. Shepherd Filters are easy to install, fit perfectly and reduce maintenance and cleaning.
Conditions in the bakery are similar to working in a hot oven; Shepherd Filters are perfect for maintaining a comfortable working environment.
Shepherd Filters tick another box for us!

Your Sincerely the Ginger Bread Man. "

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