FB-WN-Killer Beans

Think you know beans? A new real rugged under-dog has arrived, and it promises to make the kitchen come to life.

Whitlock & Sons® is crashing the beans party with a new range of flavour-packed Killer Beans, accompanying the brand’s existing range of BBQ, table and killer variety sauces.

Be it a spag bol, stocky pie, or a compadre with sausages - Killer Beans will send Kiwis into next week from the moment they take their first bite.

The new range includes three Killer Beans flavours, all offering a delicious way to bring adventure and flavour into cult favourite meals – and the cheeky fellas are even high in protein and 99% fat free…

Available in supermarkets nationally in three mouth-watering hearty styles:

  • Killer Beans Fuego Chilli
  • Killer Beans Smoky Campfire BBQ
  • Killer Beans Fred’s Ballistic Tomato & Basil

This is just the beginning for F. Whitlock & Sons in New Zealand, with more to come… which it sure to feed any Kiwi’s adventure.