FB-WN-Jelly B

Lim Brothers is proud to announce the launch of the much-loved Drinkable Konjac Jelly, JELLY.B.

The newly-launched fan-favourite product from South Korea has finally made its way onto New Zealand shores!

JellyB Drinkable Konjac has taken the internet by storm. These jellies come in spout pouches making it convenient to consume any time and anywhere. The most appealing part of JellyB is that they taste just like normal jelly snacks, but are all SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE and HALAL.

Not only is Jelly.B free of artificial flavouring, dyes and preservatives - Jelly.B product contains only 5-7 calories per pouch. It is the perfect healthy snack for individuals of all ages.

Here’s the lineup of Jelly.B - Apple, Green grape, Peach, Watermelon, Blueberry, Mango, Lychee and Jeju Mandarin.

Keep refrigerated for an extra burst of refreshment , or simply freeze it for a sherbet-like could even use it in a cocktail of your choice.

These low-calorie jellies will curb your hunger. So sit back, relax and enjoy these 8 flavours from the fan-favourite Jelly.B.

For more information or to order contact or 021 571 760