United Fisheries to Add to Its Fisherman’s Basket

United Fisheries is excited to announce it has taken over the distribution of Independent Fisheries within New Zealand, a natural culmination of two Kiwi family businesses that have already been working side by side for a long time.

“They’re both Christchurch family owned businesses and they’ve had a strong relationship over the last 40-odd years,” expressed Jason Saré, United Fisheries National Sales Manager.

“It’s exciting because it adds Independent’s product range to our fisherman’s basket of what we can offer, from retail through to foodservice and gives us the man power to be able to provide this New Zealand-wide.”

United Fisheries has grown since 1974 from modest beginnings to become one of the top ten seafood companies in New Zealand. The company has a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of fishing, marine farming, production, marketing and administration personnel and is one of the largest employers in the Christchurch area.

Independent Fisheries Ltd has a rich history as one of New Zealand’s largest deep-sea fishing companies, catching and processing a huge variety of species from the abundant waters of the great southern oceans and delivering them to customers around the globe.

With the addition of Independent Fisheries’ products, United Fisheries is in an even better position to meet the needs of its customers.

“It strengthens us to meet all markets, form the fish ’n chip shop to the fine dining restaurant and diversifies what we can offer our customers - which is of great benefit to the foodservice industry,” continued Saré.

The new partnership will also strengthen United Fisheries’ ability to support smaller, local suppliers of kaimoana, and help keep it local. Both companies are extremely proud of their New Zealand-owned history and local heritage, and having worked together for so long, are closely connected, making this move a natural progression for both brands.

“There is a deep bond between both family companies,” concluded Saré. “And this will only help us deliver the very best seafood to customers around New Zealand.”