Update from HortNZ

The latest update from HortNZ reminds people that the protocols and expectations around workplace bubbles, two metre distancing and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are a minimum.  Given the Delta COVID variant is so infectious, everyone needs to be vigilant. 

To reaffirm:

  • Use masks at all times, for the greatest protection and effectiveness, even though this is not mandatory
  • Strengthen workplace bubbles, being particularly mindful of how staff travel to and from work and congregate during break times
  • Maximise the distance between staff and reduce the density of staff in bubbles, as much as possible
  • Regularly checking the temperatures of staff and visitors is recommended, along with keeping of records to strengthen the ability to trace the movements and interactions of staff
  • Make sure that there are no financial disincentives for staff to stay at home when unwell
  • Check and maintain ventilation systems to ensure optimum operation.

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And to view HortNZ’s COVID-19 Information, click here. HortNZ will provide further advice and communications as soon as details are made available.