New Chief Executive For The Recovery Trust

Janine Brinsdon The Refrigerant Recovery New Zealand's new CE

The Recovery Trust, or Refrigerant Recovery New Zealand, has appointed its inaugural chief executive. Janine Brinsdon takes on the role and brings a wealth of experience from WasteMINZ, Business North Harbour, and the British New Zealand Business Association.

Synthetic refrigerant gases are one of the leading causes of climate change, and The Recovery Trust was established in 1993 as a means of managing this issue. They promote the collection, storage and safe disposal of surplus refrigerant gases and currently run a voluntary synthetic gas management stewardship. The Trust is working with the Ministry for the Environment to become the product stewardship organisation (PSO) for a regulated product stewardship scheme.

“It’s important to have the right people on board to navigate the complexities of operating as a PSO and implementing a scheme which will manage the risk from these gases.” Said Richard Lauder, The Recovery Trust chair. As the new chief executive, Brinsdon is looking forward to having an impact on climate change by building on the Trust's 30-year history and tackling the challenge of leading one of New Zealand's first regulated product stewardship schemes.