The Warehouse to Collect Soft Plastics for Recycling

The Warehouse Group (TWG) has announced that 31 of its stores around the country will offer collection bins for soft plastic recycling.

The selected locations will accept plastic waste such as frozen food bags, bread, rice, and pasta bags, and produce bags.

The program was first launched in 2015 and has progressively expanded, collecting more than 15.5 million individual units to date. Now it is expanding.

David Benattar, TWG’s chief sustainability officer said support for this type of program has been increasing.

“We are committed to operating in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way, and programs like this help our customers live their lives in the same way.”

Malcolm Everts, Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme chair, said this scheme is an incredible opportunity for New Zealand consumers to become more aware of their waste.

The collected plastic waste will be recycled into a range of items. Some may be sent to organisations such as Future Post and 2nd Life Plastics which turn the materials into teams such as garden edging, fence posts, and plastic cable covers.