De Soi Launches in NA Category

A lively new addition to the growing NA sector is the launch from Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan of De Soi. The co-founders together with master distiller Morgan McLachlan of premium spirits maker AMASS have created in De Soi a line of sparkling non-alcoholic drinks catering to the market looking for a more considered choice for happy hour. Pleasure without the proof.

As creative professionals and busy mums with a shared love for a spritz, De Soi captures their dream of a drink that is bubbly and delicious, but that doesn't get in the way of early mornings and long nights. A drink that married their passion for plants and better-for-you ingredients with big, bold flavours and feel-good adaptogens.

The nonalcoholic drinks market is booming, and the pandemic has been a driver for the launch of new ranges bringing innovation to the low and no category, from overly sweet mocktails to healthy high-quality botanicals with real taste.