Archie Rose Distillery’s Latest Releases

photo credit: Archie Rose

Australian distillery Archie Rose has released two new spirits created with its new state-of-the-art distillery - Sunrise Lime Gin harvest 2020 and Eau De Bee Honey Spirit.

The Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest is the second release in the Archie Rose Harvest series. This time, the gin highlights native sunrise lime, a hybrid citrus fruit grown by Marvick Native Farms. The gin is "bursting with generous citrus and flavours of kumquat, spearmint and mango sorbet."

photo credit: Archie Rose

Archie Rose works with local producers who focus on sustainability and are conscientious of their growing, harvesting and processing methods. The annual Harvest Series "heroes the growers, providores, foragers and regions as a true expression of the ingredients and provenance" behind Archie Rose's spirits.

The other spirit hot off the press is Archie Rose's latest experimental limited release Eau De Bee Honey Spirit.

photo credit: Archie Rose

Created to showcase Blue Gum Honey and its complex array of flavours, Eau De Bee highlight's honey's natural beauty, "free from oak ageing or adjustment."

To make the Eau De Bee, Archie Rose fermented Beechworth Blue Gum Honey in its bespoke Washbake no.12 for seven days before it was cold-distilled in its one-of-a-kind copper vacuum.

The result is a spirit with "soft, creamy notes of golden syrup, creme fraiche, elderflower and cherry ripe, followed by a dazzling display of delicate florals and stone fruit."

Eau De Bee is a tribute to the creatures that made it possible, and 10 percent of proceeds from its sales will be donated to Wheen Bee Foundation, Australia's leading bee charity.

Archie Rose Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest 2020 is available now, and Eau De Bee Honey Spirit will be available from 10 November both via the Archie Rose website and cellar door.