AI Start-Up Partners With Nespresso

Demetria, the first AI taste and quality intelligence SaaS start-up for coffee supply, has unveiled its successful application of identifying the reproduction of high-value coffee seedlings.

Tel Aviv-based Demetria has entered a commercial agreement with Nespresso to deploy the tech after having trialled it, enabling the coffee brand to enhance operational capacity and efficiency by providing high-quality coffee plants to farmers.

Kickstarting the evolution of the coffee industry, Demetria is empowering producers and roasters with its first-of-a-kind insights utilising near-infrared sensor technology and AI-driven data intelligence.

The company is launching an entourage of SaaS-based solutions to assess the taste and profiling of green coffee beans as well as swift, accurate, and quality measurement and traceability throughout the supply chain.

As part of Nespresso's efforts to bring high quality, sustainable coffee to its discerning customers, the brand continually develops new coffee varieties through the grafting of coffee tree seedlings, a horticultural technique used to join two plants so they grow as a single plant.

To date, Nespresso relied on the experience of a few trained experts to manually examine the seedling to detect if the grafting process was successful and the plant was viable.

Demetria applies its handheld sensor technology and machine-learning models to enable Nespresso’s operational teams to measure and classify grafted stems of specific coffee tree seedlings with the same precision as a highly trained expert.

During the pilot, Demetria’s application was used to classify over 240k seedlings in a three-month period that has since been supplied to Nespresso’s selected network of farmers in Colombia.

The technology provides Nespresso with the ability to greatly amplify operational capacity and efficiency while achieving process consistency given the automated measurement and classification of coffee plants.

The outcome of this joint process will provide coffee farms across Colombia with high-quality grafted plants, contributing to their productivity and livelihoods.