Culinary Hemp Flower – A World’s First

For the first time ever – in the United States, at least - the wellness benefits of CBD can be sprinkled on pizza and pasta, and it tastes just like oregano.

Scarborough Fare, along with JeffThe420Chef, has invented the world’s first 100% Culinary Hemp Flower product that mimics the natural taste and smell of the popular Italian herb. Called NO-REGANO, Scarborough Fare uses a patent-pending molecular gastronomy process that is chemical-and-additive-free and creates delicious, edible hemp that’s naturally chock-full of CBD.

“Until now, consumers could only purchase and access hemp seed and hemp oil products,” said NO-REGANO Inventor, Jeffthe420Chef.

“Our breakthrough Culinary Hemp Flower product- that appears to be “magically” modified to taste like herbs and spices- is a fun, safe, familiar way for people to add naturally-occurring CBD to their diet.”

“NO-REGANO is also the world’s first true and only Farm Bill compliant edible hemp flower to deliver raw CBD.  Farm-Bill compliance guarantees that our hemp strictly comes from licensed growers who have met federal/state regulations,” Danzer added.

A dosing spoon and dosing recommendations come included with each “spice” container. Additional herb and spice hemp flower creations in the pipeline include Rosemary-Jane, Buzzed Basil, Hazy Thyme and Cinna-man and will be released by Scarborough Fare in the fall.


The Difference Between CBD/Hemp and THC/Cannabis (Pot)

CBD/HEMP FLOWER- No Buzz or “High” (NOT POT)

THC/CANNABIS- Buzz and Psychoactive- “You Get High” (POT)

CBD/HEMP FLOWER- Legal and Readily Accessible in All 50 states (In-Stores and Online) (NOT POT)

THC/CANNABIS- Different States Have Different Laws re: If It’s Legal and How to Obtain It (POT)

CBD/HEMP FLOWER- Science-Backed Medicinal Properties (NOT POT)

THC/CANNABIS- Science-Backed Medicinal Properties (POT)

Author, Inventor, and Executive Chef, Chef Jeff Danzer, well-known in the cannabis industry as JeffThe420Chef, works with cannabis and hemp in ways like no other chef in the world. He has been redefining the cannabis and hemp consumption experience since 2012 with a mission “to make cooking with cannabis and hemp simple and easy for everyone.”

His goal is to simplify the CBD consumption experience and to introduce culinary hemp into the mainstream. In 2014, he pioneered "layered micro-dosing,” and created the popular "THC/CBD Calculator" app which helps home cooks and chefs determine the approximate THC and CBD dosage of the edibles they make. Jeff’s objective is to make it simple for people to understand the value of CBD rich hemp as an ingredient and how to use it properly for maximum benefit.

Hopefully, New Zealand will catch up with the U.s and most of Europe soon and realise the benefits of CBD and Hemp.