The team at Rebel Bakehouse pack more in its new wraps! The new Low Carb and Sourdough wraps are packed full of fibre and all things good.

Conquering the Low carb challenge is the new Low Carb wrap with 50% less carbs, full of seeds and healthy fibre, it's chocka full of hemp, poppy, flax and chia seeds. Along with quinoa, wheats and ryes. This mega wrap is ideal for any low carb diet.

And to make it a bit posh every day, its new Sourdough wrap combines European-styled fermented sourdough with baked-in Kiwi ingenuity. Fermented for 48 hours this wrap brings that rebellious, sourdough flavour while delivering a super soft sourdough texture. You can wrap it, stack it, top it, bake it, fry it or have it fresh.

Both the new wraps are big on fibre and all things good.

Take your customers on a taste adventure against the norm, with these latest innovations from Rebel Bakehouse.