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Trade Aid plant-based teabags are now completely free of oil-based plastics like polypropylene, which is the plastic that is left behind when normal teabags break down. Most teabags in New Zealand are made using a filter paper which incorporates a fine mesh of plastic (polypropylene) to strengthen and seal the bag.

Consumers would prefer not to have plastic in their cup of tea, so Trade Aid worked closely with its tea partner in India, Tea Promoters India (TPI), to find a new filter material that does not contain polypropylene, instead using starch-based PLA.

TPI have been a pioneer in bringing environmental and social reform to the Indian tea industry, notably in their support of small-scale tea farmer initiatives which provide an alternative to the usual plantation model of tea production.

Trade Aid organic, fair trade tea is perfectly balanced and refreshing, and you can be sure the teabags will completely break down in commercial composting systems, home composts and worm farms.