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Not all coconut yoghurts are created equal. The team at Cathedral Cove Naturals pride themselves on being better than the rest.

Want to know how they back up such a bold claim?

Its products are lower in sugar than any other coconut yoghurt on the market and use only REAL fruit to flavour its yoghurts
- which results in a taste like REAL coconut yoghurt should taste.

The brand has launched a new product to its line-up - Banoffee Coconut Yoghurt (Fairtrade Banana & Vegan Caramel).

Cathedral Cove Naturals teamed up with All Good Bananas to create this healthy and delicious, all-natural treat. Made using only the very best real food ingredients and packed full of healthy probiotics. It's not hard to see why Kiwis are going bananas over the new Banoffee Coconut Yoghurt.