Glyphosate Test Results in Just Six Working Days

Hill Laboratories is now offering glyphosate testing with a six-day turnaround from receiving samples to reporting results. This is fantastic news for current and future clients who work in the agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, food processing, and honey industries.

Glyphosate is currently the most widely used herbicide in the world and is the key ingredient used in many different herbicide and algaecide products, both in New Zealand and internationally.

Primarily used in agriculture crop application and other home-and-garden maintenance products, there have been various health concerns raised about glyphosate residue in global food and water supplies since the use of the chemical increased in recent decades.

Although these concerns have not been officially validated, there has been an international move to enforce Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of glyphosate’s presence in commercial food products. Consumers have also become increasingly concerned about the levels of glyphosate residue found in food.

There are endorsement programmes which currently operate in different countries around the world, which assure consumers that their products are free of glyphosate. As these endorsement programmes increase in popularity, it’s expected that consumer awareness about the issue will continue to grow in line with this.

For that reason, it’s in the best interests of all companies working in the food processing industries to ensure they meet MRLs – easing any customer concerns.

Although MRLs differ across products and countries, Hill Labs’ results can be directly compared to MRLs which will give you confidence that your goods comply with any MRL limit. It is Hill’s priority to ensure you receive your results quickly whilst maintaining excellent quality standards.

Hill Labs’ glyphosate method is IANZ accredited and is suitable for both domestic and export products. They work closely with industry groups to ensure that its tests are up to date with your evolving needs and make sure that compounds deemed important for your products are included within test suites. These comprehensive glyphosate tests also include AMPA and glufosinate, for added peace of mind.

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