You Need Experience To Gain Knowledge

Albert Einstein said: “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain knowledge”.

In this age of instant online information it is tempting for us to feel empowered to make difficult decisions and choices beyond our experience. Selecting a pump for your application can be easy and there is a world of choice to choose from. If, however, your application is more challenging (and nearly all food and beverage applications have their own unique challenges) then you need to find experience and knowledge.

The Pump & Machinery team pride ourselves on having gained our experience through the ‘school of hard knocks’. We have multiple team members who have been with Pump & Machinery for over 30 years and many of the team have literally come straight from school to enjoy a life in pumps.

Our teams wealth of experience has given us knowledge of pump applications across all industries in New Zealand and South Pacific. Whether your challenge is pressure, temperature, viscosity, chemicals, cleanliness, serviceability, longevity, price, health and safety, aeration, mixing, filterability or just supporting Kiwi, we can help.

Some of the specialised application we can help with include:

Filtering of oils fats and greases, where AMS titanium filtration is the game changer - Hydro-conveying of vegetables and fruits without damage, offering significant advantages over traditional conveyor systems – Pumps specifically designed to cope with the cavitation issues caused by CIP processes – pumping of almost any chemical at extremes of temperate and pressure – explosion proof pumps and systems for hazardous areas – achieving desired mix ratios of liquids and gases – emptying of barrels and containers, even with high viscosity contents – etc.

In addition to the extensive knowledge of our team, Pump & Machinery partners with the world’s leading manufacturers, their knowledge of difficult applications across the world is immeasurably helpful.

The manufacturers of our pumps includes:

AMS, Air Pump Company, All Prime, All-Flo Pump Co, Blackmer, Blacoh, Corken, Davey, Davies, EagleBurgmann, Ebara, GMP Pumps, Graco, Grundfos, JEC, KSB, Kecol, Koflo, Lewa, Liquid Controls, MP Pumps, Macnaught, March Pumps, Maximator, NETZSCH, Nomad,  Olympias, Orbit, Packo, SPX, Selectronic, Sharpe Mixers, Standard, Sulzer, Treloar, Truflo, Tuthill Pump Group, Warman, Watson Marlow, Wilden and Wilo.

Contact our teams in

Auckland: (09) 579 2714

Wellington: (04) 568 3029