The Latest In Linerless Wraps

Hally Labels latest Linerless Wrap product continues to prove a popular presentation choice across protein, food and ready meal markets in both New Zealand and Australia.

Their premium linerless labelling product is part of the linerless system developed by UK-based Ravenwood Packaging that delivers vastly improved labelling productivity with significant environmental benefits. Hally Labels is a fully accredited supplier of Linerless Wraps (or labels) for their “Nobac” applicators.

The simple, easy to operate Nobac applicators are recognised as the world-leading label application equipment in the protein sector, especially for difficult-to-label vacuum-skin packaging (VSP). In addition to VSP, Linerless Wraps are also ideal for MAP, Thermoform, Oven-ready trays, Pottles and Rigid PET clamshells. They are the perfect answer to efficient, sustainable, 360-degree labelling of food products such as sauces, salads, dips, bakery products, pizza and salami.

Linerless Wraps provide the flexibility and versatility to decorate in a variety of formats including Full Wrap, C Wrap, Top and Slide Wrap and Slide-able Wraps. They are also an ideal automated replacement for cardboard sleeves.

“We continue to see compelling take-up of Linerless Wraps across New Zealand and Australia,” noted Anne-Marie Sutton, Group General Manager of Hally Labels.

“The rising popularity of the VSP format is driving this activity due to its highly desirable, extended-life form of packaging. Linerless Wraps are the ideal choice for premium, 360-degree presentation of this format as well as any difficult-to-label product.”

Hally Labels is a significant and thriving trans-Tasman business with deep labelling expertise. In addition to Linerless Wraps they supply the full suite of labelling products for use in food and beverage manufacture right through to retail.

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