Matakana Superfoods

Matakana SuperFoods was founded in 2009 by Dr Kevin Glucina and has become a world leader in superfood nutrition. After many years in the health industry as well as personally following an additive-free, chemical-free and wholefood-focussed life, Dr Glucina began the company with the aim of bringing foods with special nutritional qualities from around the world to New Zealand.

“As well as offering people the choice to include a wide range of superfoods in their daily diet, we’re seeking to achieve our mission by providing high-quality, healthy alternatives to everyday food staples,” said Dr Glucina. “Our mission is to improve the habits and health profile of every New Zealander.”

Ease of use is key to the Matakana SuperFoods’ philosophy. That’s evident in their product range, with a number of certified organic and highly nutritious smoothie bases, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders (particularly handy for baking and cooking), sugar and soy alternatives.

In February this year, Matakana SuperFoods released a range of certified organic hemp food products including; flour, protein powder, hulled seeds, a chocolate bar and chocolate drink. They’ve also developed a healthy hemp breakfast line under a new brand called Love Organics. 

Dr Glucina said that the legalisation of hemp as a food product is long overdue and is looking forward to bringing this incredibly nutritious, plant-based food source to everyday kiwis. “Hemp seed is such a wonderful superfood as it has an ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with being one of the only plants sources that provides all the essential amino acids."

Matakana SuperFoods manufactures and supplies a range of health food products (~80 SKUs) to retailers as well as bulk, single ingredients to the food services and food and drink manufacturing industries.

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