Sugar Reduction Motivating Innovation

ProSweets Cologne

ProSweets Cologne, scheduled from January 28 to 31, 2024, is set to showcase the dynamic evolution of sweets and snacks. With over 30 ingredient specialists, the event addresses the challenge of harmonising health and taste in product reformulation.

Consumer preferences steer the industry towards natural and sustainable options, emphasising reduced sugar and clean label declarations. The demand for innovative flavours and appealing colours drives manufacturers to explore functional ingredients presented at ProSweets Cologne.

The Nutri-Score impact intensifies the trend of gradual sugar reduction, emphasising the importance of preserving taste profiles. The event will spotlight strategies such as incorporating sugar replacements like honey-based sweetness and creative combinations of nuts and dried fruits for taste and texture enhancement.

Texture challenges in sugar reduction have motivated manufacturers and businesses to explore low-glycemic carbohydrates and fibres. Inulin from chicory roots and fructooligosaccharides from sugar beet have emerged as popular sugar replacements, enhancing mouthfeel and nutritional profiles.

Natural dyes take centre stage, focusing on sustainable cultivation and gentle processing of plant-based raw materials. The event offers a variety of colour options, including alternatives to the banned titanium dioxide, ensuring vibrant and clean-label products.

Diverse hues, particularly Instagram-worthy colours like yellow, red, blue, and green, drive product innovation. The event explores glazing and finishing developments crucial for visual appeal while meeting consumer demands for quality and functionality.

Amid the sustainability discourse, the "InGREENients" special zone, in collaboration with Haute Innovation, showcases global sustainable snack innovations. The spotlight will be on CO2 reduction, locally sourced materials, and diverse product offerings, reflecting the growing influence of sustainability on consumer purchasing decisions. The event provides a platform for direct engagement with innovators shaping the future of sustainable snacking.