NZ Needs Overseas Truck Drivers

New Zealand urgently needs more overseas truck drivers to fill a growing shortage, according to National Road Carriers chief operating officer James Smith.

“The people crisis is becoming glaringly obvious. We need thousands more people in the transport and distribution sector,” noted Smith.

“People in the industry are giving up because they are exhausted. Employees in their fifties are retiring – selling up in Auckland, making the most of the recent property boom to cash in and downsize out of the city. And the problem is compounded by overseas recruitment agents targeting New Zealand employees via LinkedIn and Facebook.”

Smith added that New Zealand’s immigration processes to fill the gaps are slow and clunky.

“The economy is going to stall if we don’t get more people. We need to make New Zealand more attractive for people to work here. We need the same amount of effort applied to the immigration pathway to enable people to come to New Zealand to work and gain citizenship as we do to promote tourism.

“We live in a highly competitive global economy, and New Zealand should be attractive to people who want to get further away from the world’s trouble spots.”