Better Cargo Status Visibility for Exporters and Importers

TradeWindow, an NZX-listed trade tech company based in Takapuna, has partnered with online cargo management system, PortConnect, to offer another layer of supply chain visibility for exporters and importers.

PortConnect’s software provides visibility of cargo status within the sea and inland ports. This will be integrated through an API connection with TradeWindow’s digital trade network. It provides container and vessel data for the Ports of Auckland, Port of Tauranga, Timaru Container Terminal, and Lyttelton Port Company, which process more than 70 percent of New Zealand’s exports.

Cargo movements through the ports are significant in exporters (and importers) supply chain transactions. The extra visibility that TradeWindow will provide is seen as particularly useful at a time when supply chains are strained.

“Given that 99 percent of New Zealand’s exports are by sea freight, visibility of cargo is crucial to our customers,” noted TradeWindow CEO AJ Smith.

“This partnership with PortConnect is a step in the right direction for everyone involved.”

It’s also good news for importers on TradeWindow’s platforms – having visibility of cargo in and out of Auckland Port (New Zealand’s largest import port) will add value for importers using TradeWindow’s digital trade platform.

“This integration creates ease for exporters and importers to ensure containers have required clearances and reduce storage at the inland and sea ports,” said PortConnect general manager, Dan Cowie.

PortConnect data will be available for select TradeWindow customers from June 1.