Nude Gardening Day Supports Hungry Families

Kiwi nudists are planning a national naked gardening day to support families in need of food.

National Nude Gardening Day is this coming Labour Weekend and is part of National Gardening Week.

New Zealand Naturist Federation's president Wendy Lowe said Nude Gardening Day is about getting closer to nature and having some fun. And while masks may be on, everything else is off.

Labour Weekend always marks Nude Gardening Day, Lowe said.

All the federation's clubs around the country will be taking off their gardening gloves and planting an extra row.

The theme of National Gardening Week, hosted by Yates NZ, is 'grow to give', encouraging people to grow an extra row of crops and donate the surplus produce to families in need through a local food bank, community pantry, or other food donation agency.

Yates is helping people get started by sending a free packet of vegetable seeds to those who register online by October 25.

Yates' marketing manager Fiona Arthur said Labour Weekend is the perfect time to get the garden ready for summer, with or without clothes but warns to watch out for sharp bits and insects.

Apart from that, it's a great way to enjoy the sun and top up on Vitamin D, she added.

The New Zealand Naturist Federation has 1600 members, and Auckland is the country's oldest club.