Cookie Time’s new limited edition Kiwi classic is selling out fast as it hits the shelves, with people buying it by the hand, and armful.

The Cookie Time Lolly Cake Cookie quietly started making its way into stores early. Cue a sneak peek on social media from one convenience store and it’s game on to find any of these cookies in the wild. Originally available at selected New World, Four Square, PakNSave stores, service stations, dairies and convenience stores, many have run out of stock until further deliveries. A limited edition release, close to half the planned 65,000 cookies are already in store, and rapidly on the way out.

The Lolly Cake Cookie is a special Cookie Time take on a great Kiwi favourite, but with all natural colours and flavours, and no preservatives. It’s the classic lolly cake taste of malt, shredded coconut, and pink, yellow and green pastel colour lollies. With sweet memories of a grandmother’s kitchen and small town bakeries. Made with real white chocolate and real ingredients, batch-baked in traditional rack ovens.

Cookie Time is now looking at sourcing ingredients and packaging for a second Lolly Cake release later in August.