Looking for a lighter alternative? Healthy eaters will love Farrah’s NEW Low Carb Wraps – New Zealand’s favourite wraps now in a super low carb option.

Featuring just 9 grams of carbs and 90 calories per wrap, Farrah’s Low Carb wraps are low in carbs but full in flavour, with no compromises on taste or quality. Packed full of the good stuff, they also include an impressive 25 percent of your daily fibre needs.

With three tasty flavours for you to try, choose from Original, a lighter take on a firm favourite, Supergrains, with a wholesome blend of chia and quinoa, and Plant-Based Protein, the ultimate powerhouse of wraps with the added benefits of hemp and pea protein.

Created with the perfect portion size in mind, Farrah’s have taken the carbs out so you can put more on! Farrah’s wraps are proudly made in New Zealand and are vegan friendly, halal certified, and yeast and dairy free.

Head to www.farrahs.co.nz for more info or recipe inspiration.