Boosting Consumer Wellbeing

This week, The Apple Press, Hawke’s Bay’s premium beverage company, announced another delicious new juice within their “Wellness” range which pairs Hawke’s Bay apples with health renowned fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients.

The new Apple, Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger pairs tangy Pink Lady apples with Canterbury grown carrot and beetroot, with each bottle packing in 30% of vegetables and 66% Pink Lady apple with an added ginger zing, a dash of lemon, and a dose of Vitamin C. These ingredients are renowned for their antioxidant properties and nutritional value and are known to support the body’s natural defences.

The Apple Press Wellness range includes JAZZ & Gold Kiwifruit for “vitality”, Royal Gala, Lemon, Lime, Ginger & Manuka Honey for “defence”, and the new Pink Lady, Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger for a “boost”.

Ross Beaton, Co-Founder of The Apple Press® said increasing their Wellness range is in response to a growing market.

“Right now, Kiwis are probably more aware than ever about looking after themselves and keeping healthy and we want to help them do that in an easily accessible and affordable way. We take the best apples and ingredients and put them in a bottle. There’s no added sugar or preservatives so when you drink a bottle of The Apple Press you know you are getting natural goodness”

Beaton co-founded The Apple Press in 2018 with business partner and Food Technology Expert Sally Gallagher. Troubled at seeing all the waste of high-quality apples not pretty enough for export, they decided to take this “ugly fruit” and turn it into the world’s best apple juice. Their unique point of difference is to hand-pick and cold-press all the flavour and goodness of a tree-ripe Hawke’s Bay apple and craft it into apple juice made from individual varieties such as JAZZ, Braeburn, Royal Gala, Pink Lady & Envy. They are also proud to be able to trace their apples back to the Hawke’s Bay orchards of origin.