FB-WN-Cookie Time

Introducing the new 100% plant based cookie from Cookie Time. A delicious plant based version of Cookie Time’s famous Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie, the company’s best-selling cookie for the last 38 years. And it’s wrapped in another first for Cookie Time – compostable packaging made with plant based inks and adhesives.

Cookie Time, recently crowned the winner of the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands new cookie category, reports the new cookie is already in hot demand. It combines a genuine Cookie Time taste with quality plant based ingredients. It’s made with generous chunks of dairy free dark chocolate, with a coconut oil blend in place of butter.

The packaging film is derived from sustainably managed renewable resources such as wood pulp and GM-free corn sources, and the plant-based inks and adhesives contain no heavy metals that would be harmful to worms, seedlings or the environment. The packaging, just part of Cookie Time’s ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices, is currently undergoing certification for home compostability.