Renewable, Low-Emission, Low-Cost Energy

Following the announcement of Azwood Energy’s second international certification for wood fuel, positioning the New Zealand-owned company as a global leader in biomass energy, Azwood has published the first Wood Energy Market Guide for New Zealand.

Brian Cox, chief executive of the Bioenergy Association said the report was the first summary of wood fuel supply throughout New Zealand by an active participant in the market.

“This is a valuable and comprehensive market guide, from a New Zealand leader in the wood energy market, based on current biomass fuel trading,” noted Cox.

The Market Guide is intended to address some of the concerns and barriers to the uptake of wood energy for process heat in New Zealand, and to provide detail on best practice in the industry – to globally recognised standards.

It is intended as a guide for consultants, energy managers, energy professionals, facilities managers, sustainability managers, local government, and central government with an interest in renewable low-emission fuels. It will also be valuable to stakeholders in the media and environmental interest groups.

This document draws on the experience of 18 years in biomass recovery, processing, testing, delivery, and commercial supply. This is a guide created with some practical authority. Commentary is made on matters of industry challenges, these have been formed through discussions with clients, association bodies and policymakers over the years.

The guide addresses process heat challenges and lists solutions for process heat, it answers common barriers to the uptake of wood energy and outlines the availability of wood for energy. There is technical specification data, fuel descriptions and quality management and testing methodology, as well as peer-reviewed case studies.

Azwood acknowledges that each process heat decarbonisation project will have its own challenges and opportunities. This guide may prove valuable for general information and feasibility studies, and for more detailed assessments and supply and market advice stakeholders should a certified, experienced wood energy supplier directly.

The 40-page, 10-part document explains and shapes a factual and evidence-based outlook into energy in New Zealand including:

  1. Process heat barriers, challenges & solutions
  2. Business cases
  3. Conversion costs
  4. ETS & wood energy
  5. Availability of wood for energy
  6. Wood fuel specifications
  7. Technical data
  8. Quality management
  9. Case studies

The guide is available here,

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