Vegan Society of NZ Presents the 2021 Dairy Free Awards

Celebrating excellence in plant-based alternatives, the Vegan Society of New Zealand’s Dairy-Free Awards are an opportunity for companies to show the best they can offer in terms of taste, texture, mouthfeel, and versatility with separate awards for imports and Kiwi made in each product category.

The Vegan Society’s expert panel has selected the best of the best and is currently choosing winners to be announced at the end of February.

The growing interest in plant-based alternatives has been great for local businesses.

“Since 2015 when veganism suddenly took hold in the mainstream, demand for our products has increased by leaps and bounds,” explained Alice Shopland, CEO of Angel Food, the 2020 cheese category winner.

“Even if people aren’t vegan and don’t think they’ll ever be vegan, often they’re willing to taste our vegan cheese alternatives and they have an understanding of the reasons for veganism. The future is looking very bright for dairy alternatives.”

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