Spray Nozzle Engineering

Spray Nozzle Engineering, a leader in fluid and air transfer nozzles and associated products, has been providing total spraying solutions and engineered custom designs to Australian and New Zealand industries for over 30 years. Save water, chemicals, energy and costs, whilst increasing safety and productivity, with Spray Nozzle Engineering’s specialist application knowledge and engineering support to aid your design and specification work.

Spray Nozzle Engineering covers a vast range of applications with a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of industries including food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, mining, fire protection, transport, oil and gas, water treatment, pulp and paper, packaging, chemical processing, sheet metal fabricators, automotive, utilities, contract cleaning, and general manufacturing and processing.

Spray Nozzle Engineering’s extensive range of spraying solutions and fluid and air nozzle technology cover applications including spraying, coating, mixing, misting, humidification, moistening, wetting, lubrication, washing, cleaning, cooling, drying, blowing, sorting, ejecting, Clean-In-Place (CIP), washdown, tank cleaning, fogging, foaming, sanitising, dust control, odour control, environmental control and pollution control.

As Australia's only spray nozzle manufacturer and exporter company supplying to local and international dairy industries, they have gained a reputation as an authority on spray dry nozzle technology. The “10 Facts Spray Dryer Nozzle Design” is a guide to pressure nozzle spray dryer safety, highlighting operational safety and risk mitigation. Selection, design and operation of nozzle technology in explosive environments is a critical consideration in new and existing plant design. It makes clear points relating to considerations such as ASME pressure code compliance, sealing standards in assembled nozzles, spray performance, product quality, fire risk and safety.

Through the sister company, Detectaclean, they also offer an extensive range of X-ray and Metal Detectable products to cater to HACCP requirements including stationery, PPE, utensils, knives, and brush ware.
Save on compressed air usage with Spray Nozzle Engineering’s air nozzles. Representing Silvent, a leader in advanced air nozzle technology, they offer the world’s most innovative, safest, efficient, quietest, cost-saving air nozzle products, including fixed air nozzles, air guns, blowguns, exhaust silencers, air knives, and air bazookas.

Providing prompt service and technical, engineering and specialist support for all spray and air nozzle applications, Spray Nozzle Engineering also pride themselves on their Australian designed and made patented products that help to improve productivity, reduce operational hazards and provide custom spraying solutions.

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