Confoil are the food packaging perfectionists!

Confoil is a manufacturer of quality aluminium foil trays and Dualpak ovenable paperboard trays. We’re also known for catering foil, cling film, baking paper, Eco-friendly trays made from wheat straw pulp, vegetable flan dishes, parchment muffin wraps and the exquisite Italian-made decorated paper-baking moulds.

Confoil has a great range of food-grade sealing machines with heat sealing film to compliment the machine and the food trays.

We provide the depth of support that only a manufacturer with an intimate knowledge of its field and products can offer. Service at Confoil begins with the highly trained sales force and extends to the technical expertise of Confoil’s production and new product development staff.

Whether creating a custom packaging design, refining existing containers or managing the flow of packaging through your production line, Confoil technicians are at hand to provide expert help.

Established as a family-owned company in 1966, Confoil now employs around 250 staff members throughout Australia and New Zealand servicing a wide range of industries, including:

  • Frozen food manufacturers
  • Defence forces
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Meals on wheels
  • Airlines
  • Bakeries – commercial and retail
  • Supermarkets
  • Foodservice and hospitality

Confoil products are also exported to South East Asia, the Pacific Rim and Pacific Islands.

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