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Universal Packaging is passionate about leading the thought behind and wrap around our nation’s pallets. It’s how we look beyond the package to the products, processes and potential of our clients. It’s why we now lead New Zealand in specialised pallet wrapping film and stretch wrap machinery.

Our approach to each task starts and finishes with a dedication to quality service. At Universal, we will always treat our customers in a way they would want to be treated. As a team, we’re always working with the business goals of every customer in front of mind. That’s why we’ll only recommend a product or process if we can prove it will achieve these goals. Why we’ll always work with the integrity of our reputation in mind. Why we never settle for second-best.

It is a company-wide ethos – the reason why we bind together in our efforts so New Zealand can send securely. It is a non-negotiable standard that delivers purpose to our work and peace of mind to our customers.

We are proud of our range of top of the line pallet stretch wrap for both machine and hand use, pallet wrapping machinery, strapping tools and PET strap and much more. Give us a call or visit our website to find out more.

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