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Since 2006, Presco Environmental has been providing specialist industrial cleaning services to the food-producing industry. They are now New Zealand leaders in critical hygiene and indoor air quality, committed to constant innovation and searching out new ways of solving problems.
They understand your pain, and have the solutions to solve it.

Some of the services Presco Environmental provide food producers are:
- industrial cleaning
- vacuum recovery
- dry ice blasting
- hazardous area cleaning
- HVAC hygiene
+ all supplemented with document evidence and reporting for your audit compliance.

Presco's latest innovation is the supply of Radic8 Viruskillers™.
Are you a food producer with an air problem? Viruskillers could be the solution for you.

Viruskillers are the world's highest certified air cleaning technology*. They use a two-step process to clean the air:
1. Filtration
- pre-filter
- activated carbon filter
- HEPA 13 filter
2. Sterilisation: photocatalytic oxidation (You can learn more about photocatalytic oxidation if you go to

This process causes a proven 99.9999% kill rate of the following pollutants in a single air pass:
- viruses
- bacteria
- pollen
- formaldehyde
- mould
- nitrogen dioxide
- toluene
- VOCs
- allergens
- exhaust fumes
- spores
-particulate matter
- fungi
- fine dust
- odours
- toxic gases.

You can learn more about air purification for food producers here.
See the Viruskiller products and prices here.

* Source: An explanation of the Highest Certified Clean Air Tech: Radic8 – Radic8 Global


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