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At MARTOR Australia our mission is to reduce accidents in the workplace. Every single accident avoided by using our safety cutters is a massive success in our eyes.

Our customers are important to us and so are their goals. Working together, we can learn from each other and find solutions to your cutting needs. Our support and knowledge will lead to the reduction of cut injuries, increase your safety record, and best of all reduce costs and lost production time.

MARTOR Australia has been an official partner of the MARTOR family for over 20 years, a family that together provides access to its products in over 70 countries. Based in Solingen, Germany, MARTOR has been in operation for more than 75 years, designing and manufacturing the world’s best safety knives and cutters. In that time the range has grown quickly from the very first ‘safety knife”, released in 1976 to a current count of more than 150 products and variations.

The opportunity for us to bring MARTOR to Australia & New Zealand presented itself during a visit to a Tradeshow in Germany back in 1992. They offered a product with a level of quality, design, and functionality we had not seen in our region and we couldn’t wait to share it. Over the years, throughout Australia and New Zealand, we have steadily built our brand based on the unrivalled quality of our products and our personal service as people strive to find a ‘better way.’ There is a better way, a safer way and we can help you find it.

Our team has extensive knowledge of safety knives and the safety knife industry, with over 50+years of combined experience and we love hearing about your business and what you need from a knife. We are dedicated to learning from you, sharing our knowledge with you, and providing comprehensive cutting solutions. When you combine this with MARTOR’S commitment to quality and innovation, you’ll know why many of the customers who started using our safety knives at the very beginning are still with us to this day.

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