Allied Pinnacle

Allied Pinnacle is a world-class fully integrated mixing and bakery business. Australasia’s largest end-to-end bakery-ingredient supplier, and producer of flour, premixes and prepared bakery products.

The business has provided over 25 years of continuous supply for all of its major customers, including major industrial bakers and independent bakeries. The company’s sites have operated for over 100 years, employing around 1400 people across its vast network of manufacturing sites and has distribution centres in every capital city in Australia.

When it comes to flour, Allied Pinnacle have state-of-the-art production protection systems that sieves and sterilises the flour to ensure the best quality. Currently, they also have a comprehensive range of sweet mixes, pre-mixes, bread improvers and dough conditioners, wet and dry ingredients which helps save on preparation time and labour costs. They also boast a highly qualified team of food technologists, bakers and pastry chefs ready to help you improve recipes and processes.

The business is now owned by Nisshin Seifun Group. Nisshin Seifun was founded in 1900, a Japanese company with expertise in flour milling, noodle manufacturing and a range of ready to eat products. Nisshin’s track record of continually investing in driving innovation perfectly matches Allied Pinnacle’s strategy of delivering our unique technologies and products to markets around the world.

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