A 10c Refund Incentive For Recycling

tetra pak recycling

From today, Victorians can return their used Tetra Pak beverage cartons to be recycled and receive a 10c refund following the launch of Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Tetra Pak, a world-leading packaging solutions provider, welcomes the introduction of the scheme, which is set to improve recycling outcomes, reduce waste and empower Victorians to contribute towards Australia’s circular economy.

"As the packaging partner behind some of Australia’s most loved beverage brands, we are thrilled by the commencement of this important scheme for the community here in Victoria,” Boris Munster, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Oceania, said.

Tetra Pak is confident that in incentivising consumers to return the most flavoured milk, water, alternative milk, and juice cartons, the scheme will see an increase in local supplies of post-consumer recycled materials. These materials represent a valuable commodity that can be used in creating new packaging, products and building materials.

Beverage cartons returned via Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme will be accepted and processed at saveBOARD. This local recycling facility turns recycled cartons into low-carbon construction materials. saveBOARD’s first Australian site officially opened in February this year and can process up to 4,000 tonnes of materials annually. Since full commissioning, more than 365 tonnes of beverage cartons have been recycled.

Speaking about the value of Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme to saveBOARD, Munster said the Scheme will play an important role in providing a consistent and reliable source of beverage cartons for the saveBOARD recycling facilities.

“Ultimately, this will lead to better environmental outcomes across Victoria. Cartons are already a beverage packaging choice with one of the lowest carbon footprints on the market. We’re pleased that more beverage cartons will be recycled and contribute positively to the circular economy."

Tetra Pak believes in the importance of fostering Australia’s circular economy. It remains committed to enhancing recycling practices and reducing the environmental impact of its packaging materials. To further enhance the scheme's impact, Tetra Pak encourages state and territory governments throughout Australia to consider the inclusion of all cartons, irrespective of their size or contents, to achieve high recycling rates and ease consumer confusion.

With the launch of Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, Tetra Pak looks forward to a brighter and more sustainable future and encourages everyone to participate actively in the initiative.