Supermarket Launches Low-Carbon Beef Range

Beef Cows

Following a decade of development and five years of meticulous production, UK supermarket, Sainsbury's, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its culinary offerings with the launch of the Taste the Difference Aberdeen Angus beef range. What sets this range apart is its potential to revolutionise beef production in the UK, boasting a 25 percent lower carbon footprint compared to industry standards, marking it as the most significant low-carbon beef range ever introduced in the UK.

The innovation behind this range involves a strategic integration of Sainsbury's dairy and beef supply chains, designed to minimise carbon emissions through enhanced cattle breeding and meticulous animal management. Rigorous oversight of feed and living conditions ensures the efficient growth of healthy calves, requiring less time and energy while emitting fewer harmful gases.

While prioritising sustainability, Sainsbury's has not compromised on taste. The updated Taste the Difference range initially features 16 customer favourites, including 12 percent and five percent fat mince, 30-day rib eye steak, and a 30-day beef roasting joint. The beef is proudly produced in Britain using Aberdeen Angus cattle, renowned for their suitability to a grass and forage diet. This natural approach yields beef that is consistently flavorful and exquisitely tender.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Sainsbury's has taken measures to support farmers by offering fixed, forward pricing, which enhances their financial security and stability.

The retailer also equips farms with advanced technology, provided free of charge, to generate comprehensive data that assists in informed farm management decisions.

Starting Monday, September 18th, customers can find the lower carbon Taste the Difference Aberdeen Angus beef range in vibrant new packaging in over 60 stores, with plans for a nationwide expansion.

Gavin Hodgson, Director of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Horticulture at Sainsbury's, emphasises that today's consumers increasingly seek high-quality beef with a reduced carbon footprint. He acknowledges the extensive research and development invested by Sainsbury's to transform its beef production.

"Our updated low-carbon premium beef range offers great taste and benefits our farmers, providing them with increased security and stability, ultimately supporting the growth of UK agriculture. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities this move holds for the future of farming in the UK," said Hodgson.

Ruth Cranston, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Sainsbury's, underscores the supermarket's commitment to responsible food choices and its ambition to become Net Zero in its operations by 2035, aligning with the Paris Agreement's climate goals.

"By achieving a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions, this launch represents another stride in Sainsbury's journey towards sustainability. It also demonstrates the power of collaboration with farmers and suppliers. No one else has achieved a low-carbon beef range on this scale, and we hope this launch sets a leadership example for the industry," added Cranston.

Sainsbury's has partnered with its long-standing supplier and beef processor, ABP Food Group, to develop this innovative Taste the Difference beef range.

In a previous announcement, Sainsbury's committed to investing an additional £6 million annually in its dairy farmers, offering an extra 1p per litre on top of the independently calculated Cost of Production price of milk. This ongoing support builds upon previous financial boosts to dairy farmers and underscores Sainsbury's commitment to the agricultural community.

Sainsbury's has also taken steps to reduce plastic waste in its meat packaging, such as eliminating plastic trays from its steaks and pioneering vacuum packing for all beef mince, leading to significant reductions in plastic usage.