New Pesticide Approved For Use

A new pesticide to combat parasitic worms in carrots, kumara, parsnips, and potatoes has been approved for use in New Zealand.

Plant-parasitic worms, or nematodes, are considered a major risk to root vegetables, with producers sometimes experiencing complete crop failure from the damage they cause.

The applicant, Adama New Zealand Limited said it’s product Nimlitz will be an important tool to ensure the economic viability of these crops.

“EPA staff conducted comprehensive risk assessments and found the risks to people and the environment to be negligible, with appropriate rules in place,” explained Dr Lauren Fleury, hazardous substances applications manager.

“Nimlitz is restricted to commercial use by professionals and is a less hazardous alternative to fenamiphos-containing substances that are currently used. It will help reduce risks to workers, the soil, and the environment.”

The product contains the active ingredient fluensulfone, which is new to New Zealand but has been approved for use in various countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States, India and Brazil.