A Mind-Popping Marketing Evolution

Potato chip brand Pringles has introduced ‘Mind Popping’ – its first new brand platform in 25 years.

Aiming to rewrite history, the brand’s latest campaigns explain that humans evolved to eat the cylindrically packaged potato snack, which features an evolution of its own.

Created by Grey, the campaign introduced “Mind Popping,” the first brand positioning refresh since its “Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop” slogan was introduced in 1996.

After two years of development, the platform has been devised to convey that the snack will “blow people’s minds” from the shape of the packaging to the “fun” experience of eating them.

Titled “You Were Made For Pringles,” the campaign takes audiences on a fictitious tour of human evolution and will run across TV, video on demand, online video, radio, social media and out of home.

According to the agency’s group creative directors Christopher Lapham and Aaron McGurk, the idea came from researching stories around the brand—which they said “blew [their] minds”—including the baking machine having been invented by science fiction author Gene Wolfe, that the universe is shaped similarly to a Pringle and that each chip fits perfectly to the tongue. These facts are reflected within the 30-second spot.

Laura Jordan Bambach, president and chief creative officer described Pringles as “one of the world’s most iconic brands.”

“To be given the opportunity to launch the first global platform for them in over 25 years was a real privilege,” she added.

“We’re now massively excited to continue working with all our partners at Kellogg’s and see how the ‘Mind Popping’ concept grows and evolves across different markets and projects in 2022 and beyond.”

As part of the launch, a five-minute light show, developed by experiential agency Onepointfive, will take place at Lee Valley VeloPark. It will include animations and influencer content developed by Ollie B which aims to convey the mind popping effects of the snack.

The show will take place on Feb. 9 and will be live streamed through Pringle’s YouTube Channel.

‘’We’re really excited about the launch of ‘Mind Popping’ and see this as a step-change not only for the brand, but for the category,” Stephen Duggan, activation brand lead for Pringles, said in a statement.

“As well as helping us innovate across product, marketing and retail, more importantly, ‘Mind Popping’ will inspire playful curiosity in our consumers, in a way that only Pringles can.’’

Pringles is set to run another ad, also by Grey, during this year’s Super Bowl.