Micro Greens, Macro Change

Benji Biswas began his growing journey after watching a documentary on food waste.

He learned that in 15 to 20 years, 70 percent of the population would be living in cities, and how we have been farming is not a sustainable model.

So, Biswas bought some seeds and compost and began experimenting in his garage. Two days later, with help from YouTube, he discovered how to grow microgreens.

From there, Biswas spoke to local businesses and found that, at the time, there were no local suppliers and the product people received was soggy by the time they received it. Hence the brand name, Crunchy.

Since then, the business has grown to supply more than 45 businesses in Invercargill, Stewart Island, Riverton, and Winton.

Biswas is now also New Zealand Good Agriculture Practice certified and has been approved by the Foodstuffs group to supply their stores.

Production has increased so much Biswas has expanded his workforce to two full-time staff and will hire a part-timer soon.

He has also moved his business out of his garage, though the garage has been fully converted with trays of microgreens and sprouts, lighting and irrigation. Growing outside are additional offerings of herbs and kale and even a raspberry patch.