Local Food Producers Brand Together

Joining forces to launch an exciting new brand, a community of passionate New Zealand farmers, growers and artisan food producers have created Good Farmers New Zealand.

Put simply, Good Farmers is a community that stands for ‘Good Food, grown on Good Land, nurtured by Good Farmers.’

The collective, which currently includes eight food producers with more joining shortly, has two key goals:

  • Bring together like-minded food producers, who share a passion for sustainability, animal welfare and packaging waste reduction, to operate under a unified brand that will support their growth, share resources, and harness best practice learnings.
  • Help shoppers who care about where and how their food is produced and packaged to make choices they feel great about.

The brainchild of design and branding legend Sven Baker, Good Farmers is a movement towards premium quality food that is sustainably and ethically produced. It brings together small to medium-sized food producers with a shared commitment to love their land, their animals and the environment.

Baker has 35 years of experience working with New Zealand’s biggest brands, most recently as CEO of Designworks.

“Last year we moved to the Hawke’s Bay, ostensibly to enjoy more family time, sunshine, amazing food and wine. I was lucky enough to start spending time with local farmers, growers and producers, and their passion for their produce is infectious. I became almost obsessed with finding a way to use my experience to support the good farmers of Aotearoa.

“What we have developed is a concept that brings together food producers from around New Zealand to create one forward-thinking movement that makes it much easier for consumers to make informed choices and for suppliers to achieve more as a collective than they could do in isolation.

“It’s been a white-knuckled ride, and we’re all learning, but things are taking off now,” says Baker, who is no stranger to investing in small businesses and helping them grow.

The first food producer to join the movement was Alister Buchanan, bringing his Hawke’s Bay family muesli business (previously named Cecile’s Muesli) under the Good Farmers brand. “We believe Good Farmers ideally reflects what we stand for and the positive change we want to make in the muesli category and for the planet,” said Buchanan.

Their lovingly hand-crafted muesli range includes Southland Oats & Cranberries, Hawke’s Bay Honey & Nuts, and Nelson Boysenberry & Gold Kiwifruit, available in 800g refillable spring-top glass jars and 100% home compostable 400g and 800g pouches.

The Good Farmers range continues to grow, and currently includes locally produced and crafted premium muesli, coffee, honey, organic butchery, free-range organic eggs, organic A2 milk and porridge.

With a commitment to eliminate packaging waste and a goal of being zero-plastic, all Good Farmers products are packaged in glass or home compostable packaging.

Shoppers can be confident when they see the Good Farmers brand they are supporting Kiwis who love their land and treat their animals with care and respect.