New brand on the block LAZY are excited to introduce their line of fuss-free baking mixes designed to cater for most dietary requirements. LAZY offers customers baking mixes that are gluten-free, vegan and nut-free, yet don't compromise on taste or texture and are still considered 'certified delicious' even by those who follow regular diets. Slackers Seeded Crackers, Chillers Choc Chip Cookies and Breezy Muesli Bars are packed in cheeky, bold packaging - you can't miss them down the aisle! Customers will be excited to have found a new addition to children’s lunch boxes, Friday night platters and morning tea breaks and will be adding LAZY mixes to their regular shop in no time.

For more information please contact Elise Batt, 0220396397 or lazymixnz@gmail.com.