Pals has launched a limited edition, zero alcohol RTD in time for Dry July. It is stocked at Farro and Countdown, marking Pals' first venture into grocery,  and the flavour is a 0% variation of its very popular purple Pal - the Central Otago, Peach, Passionfruit and Soda flavour.

Like Pals’ alcoholic flavours, the new zero-alcohol variation has no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives and contains all-natural flavours and real-fruit extracts. It’s vegan, gluten-friendly and has the lowest-calorie offering of all the Pals yet, at 5 calories per 100ml.

The limited-edition Peach and Passionfruit Zero Alcohol Pals will be housed in a six-pack at 330ml a can and priced at $16.99 RRP.

Aside from its zero-alcohol innovation, Pals has five thirst-quenching flavours in the market;  Vodka, Central Otago Peach, Passionfruit & Soda; Vodka, Hawke’s Bay Lime & Soda; Vodka, Watermelon, Mint & Soda; Gin, Hawke’s Bay Lemon, Cucumber & Soda; and American Whiskey, Hawke’s Bay Apple & Soda.