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The Apple Press, Hawke’s Bay’s premium beverage company, has announced a limited edition to its range of varietal-led apple juices. Granny Smith, a crowd favourite apple variety, has been much anticipated by early followers of The Apple Press.

The Apple Press apple varietal range includes JAZZ, Royal Gala, Pink Lady, Braeburn and Envy. The new Granny Smith juice will be the tartest juice on the Sweet-o-Meter with a crisp sharp taste, Granny Smith apples are the last to be picked off the trees each season.

Sally Gallagher, Co-Founder of The Apple Press can’t wait for the Limited Edition Granny Smith juice to be a hit with juice drinkers in New Zealand. “We’ve been wanting to release a Granny Smith juice since we founded The Apple Press in 2018, Granny Smith apples are a fan favourite and we get lots of messages from consumers eager to try! The sharp and tart flavour of Granny Smith really suits the Kiwi palette.”

Gallagher co-founded The Apple Press in 2018 with business partner and Legendary Apple Man Ross Beaton. Troubled at seeing all the waste of high-quality apples not pretty enough for export, they decided to take this “ugly fruit” and turn it into the world’s best apple juice. Their unique point of difference is to hand-pick and cold-press all the flavour and goodness of a tree-ripe Hawke’s Bay apple and craft it into apple juice made from individual varieties. They are also proud to be able to trace their apples back to Hawke’s Bay orchards of origin.