Key Theme for Anuga 2021: Transformation

Anuga 2021 is placing the focus on food transformation. New congress and event formats are picking up on megatrends such as sustainability, health, convenience, and digitalisation.

Sustainable Food Transition

COVID-19 is having a sustainable impact on peoples' lives and has clearly demonstrated that changes can occur suddenly and bring about strong effects. The pandemic is having a magnifying glass effect and is revealing the health policy, economic and social weak spots. Furthermore, it is not only illustrating the volatility of the global food and ecosystem that was already visible before COVID-19 but is once again underlining the necessity for global change.

A representative survey carried out among the exhibitors and visitors of Anuga 2019, in which 60 percent stated that the industry is facing significant change, also confirms this. It is no longer purely about how to feed the approx. 10 billion people in the future, but how a sustainable food transformation can be achieved with the aid of digitalisation and technological progress and with regards to the climate-related challenges.

The organisers of Anuga are aware of this transition and are thus placing the focus on food transformation this year in the scope of their key topic "Transform". The largest trade fair for food and beverages worldwide sees itself as an international business network and central communication platform, which is actively accompanying the transformation process and supporting the industry in securing and maintaining economic success.

“We are not only observing how the food transformation is occurring in the production of food and beverages or in the global supply and value chains,” commented director, Stefanie Mauritz.

“On top of this, there are additional current challenges such as export and travel restrictions, the increased demand for products that are beneficial to health, the virtual standstill in the out-of-home market as well as an area of tension between different systems, for example, globalisation versus deglobalisation or convenience versus sustainability. Anuga 2021 will offer new formats here, which will make the transformation processes visible.”

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