New Appointment for Packaging NZ

Packaging New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Georgie Stylianou as its new Government Relations Manager.

Stylianou has joined the Packaging NZ team to help ensure the council can maximise its lobbying efforts by talking to the right people and being proactive rather than reactive.

As we all know, the industry is experiencing significant headwinds and the team at Packaging NZ wish to have a voice at the table when it comes to policy and regulation development. We also want to start offering up solutions and spreading some of the good news stories that exist across our industry.

Stylianou is a former journalist, Press Secretary and Ministerial Adviser.

She has worked for Ministers under the last National Government, played a key role in the 2017 election campaign and was a Senior Ministerial Adviser in the Coalition Government, with responsibility for the $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund and $3 billion Infrastructure Fund in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown.

She also helped establish the new independent Infrastructure Commission and managed the One Billion Trees policy across the parties of Government.

“Without the private sector, governments would be operating in a vacuum. And while they know that the government can sometimes forget about the knock-on effect of their day-to-day decisions,” said Stylianou.

“I love helping businesses problem solve and work more collaboratively across government and other key stakeholders. I’m really enjoying working with Packaging New Zealand – we have a good exchange of ideas and there’s huge scope for the organisation to become a go-to voice for the sector as a whole.

“I’ve recently become a mother too so am balancing work with the demands of a six-month-old baby and the fluid requirements of the role suit me well and provide flexibility for both parties - nobody ever seems to raise an eyebrow when I email late on a Sunday night.”

Stylianou's experience across government and the media will help us connect the dots that will see Packaging NZ remain a respected advocate for the packaging sector.