Meatiest Mince – No Bull!


Sunfed, New Zealand’s leading food technology company, launches its first meaty alternative to mince – Bull Free Beef.

Joining Sunfed’s outstanding line up of Chicken Free Chicken and Boar Free Bacon, Bull Free Beef is juicy, meaty and as nutrient dense as traditional mince, but cleaner, healthier and better for our planet.

Using yellow pea protein for its meaty texture, New Zealand grown beetroot for its bloody juiciness, and Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa butter for its fattiness, this is a product designed to appeal to everyone, even the hardiest meat eater.

Flipping protein on its head, Sunfed provides consumers with the choice to eat delicious, highly nutritious protein, without affecting our eating habits. Sunfed products taste,  feel and cook like meat, but with no animals involved.

Just as New Zealand has been known for its premium red meat, Sunfed aims to make New Zealand known for its premium alternative meat, and to diversify the country’s offering by building a new protein industry that will successfully compete on the world stage.

“With our gold-standard products, we empower consumers with better choices so they can vote with their wallet. And just like we empower consumers, we also aim to empower farmers with more protein choices for their land and are focused on building out the needed infrastructure scale to enable that in New Zealand," said Shama Sukul Lee, Founder & CEO.

Not only on a mission to create gold standard products for consumers and a new protein industry for farmers, Sunfed aims to create a world-class regenerative company that leaves the world better than it found it, hence the yellow peas!

Using yellow peas, which regenerate the soil they grow in, means that Sunfed creates products that don’t deplete the planet unlike the animal protein industry which has a heavy footprint on our soil, water and climate.

Since starting six years ago, Sunfed engineers have developed world-first technology to ensure each meaty product uses natural ingredients and minimal processing. With a handful of all-natural wholesome ingredients and clean water-based proprietary techniques, Sunfed turns premium protein-packed pulses into delicious meaty goodness that is better for us and our environment.

“Just like we're evolving from fossil fuels to solar, we need to evolve from animals to plants. That is what Sunfed has been building - the next evolution of protein that is cleaner and better to ensure a brighter future for all. Animal protein has the biggest footprint on the planet, transformation here will be pivotal.”