UK’s Favourite Pie: A Scots Tradition

Online UK butcher, Eat Great Meat has analysed the most searched for pies by the nation over the past year in celebration of the UK’s 2021 National Pie Week (1-7 March).

Results revealed the Scotch pie is the most searched for pie in England, Wales, and, of course, Scotland. The iconic pie received 385,497 searches or 16.9 percent of total searches for pie across the UK over the past 12 months.

A Scotch pie or mutton pie is a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat. It may also be known as a shell pie or mince pie (what we would call it here, in New Zealand) to differentiate it from other varieties of savoury pie, such as the steak pie, steak and kidney, cottage pie etc.

While the pie, which originated in Scotland, traditionally contains mutton, it also commonly contains beef, particularly when sold in England. Aligned with the plant-based trend, last year a meat-free version was rolled out by Scotland’s leading pie brand, Bells. According to Bells Food Group, the brand sells close to half a million of its iconic Scotch pies every week.

“This result comes as absolutely no surprise to us,” said Alasdair Smith, CEO of Scottish Bakers, which hosts the annual World Championship Scotch Pie Awards.

“We have long known that this iconic Scottish superstar pie has a worldwide following, but to have its premier position confirmed is proof of the UK’s love fro tradition and quality baking.”