Intelligent Quality Management System for your Production Floor
Innovative OpTech company iMonitor helps food and pharmaceutical manufacturers digitise their quality and production management to increase productivity, reduce business risk and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

Digitised Quality and Production Management
iMonitor’s Quality Management Platform is a smart operating system that digitises all quality monitoring and management processes along the complete product lifecycle. By linking live monitoring with standardised processes, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers increase operational efficiency, gain real-time operational insights, and get full visibility of quality, safety, and compliance status. Moreover, they can ensure end-to-end traceability of products, processes, and any other traceable details.

Being compliant with the latest regulations and industry standards (e.g. GMP, GSFI, ISO 2200, FSANZ), iMonitor’s Quality Management System facilitates ongoing compliance.

Automated Real-Time Monitoring
IIoT sensors continuously monitor machine performance and quality metrics in real-time during the whole production run. This enables manufacturers to increase productivity and transparency and reduce quality and safety risks significantly. Defined upper and lower control limits allow for full control of the processes at every single step.

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