New AI Tech Helps Food Brands Track Food Trends

Designed to help brands with product innovation, a new AI-powered food intelligence platform has been launched in the UK by an Israeli start-up called Tastewise. The platform offers real-time industry insights on how consumers order, cook, and eat.

The technology behind Tastewise, founded by former Google executive, Alon Chen, works by scouring over 2.8 billion social interactions, 1.2 million online recipes, and localised data of 183,000 restaurants and delivery menus to offer immediate, location-specific food and beverage insights.

Customers already include Nestlé, PepsiCo, Givaudan, Campbell’s, General Mills, and Dole.

“The pandemic has made it clear that it’s imperative to have your finger on the pulse each time a decision is made,” commented Chen.

“While it may not be surprising that health is top of mind right now in the UK, we’re able to see that this change in consumer mentality has far-reaching effects.”

For example, based on interest in nutrition-packed green beans being up 112 percent in the morning hours, Tastewise’s data has revealed that health-conscious Brits are attempting to reimagine the classic English breakfast by replacing baked beans for broad beans.

The Tastewise technology also made it clear that the rising interest in plant-based food options among shoppers was motivated by the perceived health benefits of meat-free and dairy-free foods, stressing that it is paramount that plant-based options be truly healthy.

“What we’ve been seeing all over the world is that the main reason for people to choose plant-based foods is not because of animal rights but because of health,” noted Chen.

“That’s important because if we’re thinking about the next plant-based meat alternative or plant-based burger and want to create a product that will become a repeat purchase among consumers we have to make sure that what is put in there is actually clean label while still being tasty.”